Orbit Pinball Lounge has to be on the short list of the best places to do a $20 date night (sans food)…

The early, glowing reviews aren’t flukes and, if nothing, only hint at just how great of a thing the bar-cade has going for it right now. Patronage comes from a mix of 20- to 50-somethings all looking for the same thing: a fun, different night out with a laid back atmosphere and good people.

Orbit’s struck upon a very fine balance between a sexy, moody aura and welcoming faces; underground appeal and universal acceptability; trendy lighting and timeless decor; insiders’ secret and Maplewood’s pride.

This bar’s undeniably cool without trying to be, which only makes it cooler.

A few notes:

1) The entrance is actually at the corner of Sutton and Hazel. You’ll see a door if you’re heading down Sutton from Manchester, and it’s the right place… but the entrance is about another half block from there. Don’t let the dark-ish interior dissuade you: they’re open.
2) The smoky smell, if there ever were one, has mostly passed. Smokers group up outside, but inside, the air’s just fine. The tables, bar and games are also still in great shape and are clean.
3) Pinball really is only 25 cents a game; pinball is 50 cents. There’s a change machine.
4) Outside food is not only allowed, but encouraged. Bottled beer and mixed drinks are on offer at the bar with some table service also available.
5) There’s a small step between the game room and bar, along with a couple of steps to get inside. Accessibility could be an unfortunate issue for some guests.


Orbit Pinball Lounge
7401 Hazel Ave
Saint Louis, MO 63143
Neighborhood: Maplewood
Reviewed by Dennis W.

(314) 769-9954

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