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Ladies, imagine stepping into your sexiest pair of Jimmie Choo pumps or that sky-high Manolo boot. Now, match that shoe with the most comfortable pair of sweatpants you own. Stay with me now– I know you’re contemplating the entire outfit  in total question. You wouldn’t in a million years think to combine the two, right? Well, the combination of fashion and athletic wear has become the riveting factor many fashion designers are embracing. This On The Go girl look speaks volumes and power.


The Jogger and Stiletto era is quite  interesting. This trend began back in the early 00’s. Take a second and think back.

 Fashion icon, Sarah Jessica Parker, as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex in the City; coined this look. Jennifer Lopez , as well;  was definitely no stranger to the Louboutin and Juicy Couture Sweat Suit. The effortless fashion statement took off instantly ; and it’s clearly staying around.

Thanks to designers like Tory Burch and Mara Hoffman, athleisure apparel can be seen through regular, day-to-day ventures. Celebrities also have taken their approach  on the look and collaborated with designers to reinvent the concept. Kanye West’s latest collection to his fashion line “Yeezy” highlighted the Adidas track pant — and of course pairing it with a chic high-heel; showing sexiness and sophistication is what you make it.

Fashion continues to evolve, and the rules are totally up to you.

So Ladies, what do you think? Hot or Not? Would you rock this look?