We have made it to the end of the month and New Music Friday has gotten off to a good start. There has already been a few good releases early on and I’m not going to complain. Though, I don’t ever recall this many releases dropping at the beginning of the year. It feels like a shift has taken place in the music industry over that last few years.

I could speculate that streaming or the freedom of independent artist have shifted the culture. However, I believe the pandemic we have endure for the last couple of years has created a space for more artistic expression. Whatever we owe this momentum of releases to, I hope that we can continue to have strong starts like this every year.

Lady Wray – Piece of Me

Many of you all may not remember when Missy Elliott signed Lady Wray who went by Nicole then and had a hit single in the 90’s. I rediscover Lady Wray when she released her single “Piece of Me” in 2019 also the name of the new album. The soulful hip hop influenced singer has resurfaced with new energy, and looks to fill a spot in the R&B genre.

In a time where we see younger artist reviving that 90’s vibe. It is only fitting that we see artist emerging from the ashes, insert Lady Wray and her new project Piece of Me. The project feels like a throwback to the 90’s hip hop and R&B sound that some of y’all parent grew up on. I will tell you this is a good album worth checking out but for those looking to add to the playlist, I suggest you listen to “Come On In”, “I Do”, and the album titled “Piece of Me”.

NLE Choppa – Me vs. Me

It feels like 2022 is the year we will see artist going back to a more traditional rap style. Up and coming Memphis rapper NLE Choppa is one of those young artist and today he released his new album Me vs. Me. Fueled by menacing beats and punchy one liners NLE Choppa is set to make the streets thump.

You could see from NLE Choppa album title and image it would appear that Choppa is his only competition. The project has guest features from Young Thug, Polo G, G Herbo, and Moneybagg Yo. Notable tracks to check out is “Jumpin”, “Final Warning”, and “Too Hot”.

Benny The Butcher & J Cole – Johnny P’s Caddy

Benny The Butcher kickstarts the new year off with a major feature from Dreamville’s chief honcho J Cole. Johnny P’s Caddy is the name of Benny’s new single that will be featured on his next project Tana Talk 4.

Gucci & Lil Durk – Rumors

Gucci and Lil Durk have teamed up for a street anthem Rumors. Both artist have been busy with Gucci pushing his 1017 label, and Durk with OTF label, you can expect there will be more songs to come from these camps in 2022.

T Dubb O – Phases

T Dubb O shares his feelings on having a lack of inspiration and his haters with his latest single Phases. Earlier this month on Dubb’s Instagram he posted a picture with another St. Louis Rapper AMR Dee Huncho, so hopefully we will see a project soon.

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Elvin Chambers