On Sunday, January 18th, MTV shared a 40-minute documentary about the five-time Billboard Music Awards singer, Nicki Minaj, which showcased some of her most intimate moments leading up to the release of the new album The Pinkprint.

The film ,“My Time Again,” is Minaj’s follow up to her 2010 special “My Time Now,” and in the documentary, you can see the hip hop queen being her normal animated self; however, she was sure to include personal moments that shaped the new album.

Fans can hear the stories that influenced the music on just about every track and each track exhibits the many sides of Nicki-the fearless Nicki, hard-core rhyming Nicki, seductive Nicki and all of her other personalities and alter egos.

Some of the footage also showed the backstage madness for Minaj’s MTV Video Music Awards performance. From a snake biting a dancer to Nicki’s wardrobe malfunction, her first experience performing her own solo song on the main stage was rather interesting.

However, Nicki being the trooper that she is managed to pull it together and smash it. Viewers can expect Nicki to share some of her more personal stories such as the end of her 11-year relationship with long-time boyfriend. As Nick gets a little more personal, viewers are able to see that invincible shield deteriorate and expose a more broken and hurt Nicki-human-like qualities that many of America forgets she has.

However, the singer and songwriter shares her truths in spite of the possible backlash in order to share the realities of being a world-wide icon and the struggles of keeping her personal matters personal and far away from her profession. The Nicki Minaj in this film is a lot more identifiable especially for young women that have experienced the sadness and pain that comes with breakups.

In a recent interview with Angie Martinez, Nicki actually shed a few tears, which is unexpected from the rough Nicki from Queens fans are accustomed to, and within the documentary she visits Queens to give viewers further insight of her background. All in all, Minaj gives an inside peek of what it’s like to be a top-charting artist and how it affects her professionally as well as emotionally.

Check out the video here.






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