3 Go-To Hairstyles for Natural Ladies


It’s Friday, and your hair just won’t act right. You have a few days before the infamous “wash day” and have no clue what to do to with your tresses. And to make matters worse, you have a Girl’s Night Out planned for the weekend, so now you’re in DESPERATE need of some divine hair intervention.  Well ladies, I bring you three natural hairstyles that are tried and true according to the natural community, and they’ll for sure save you time every single style!

1) Flat-twists

Flat twists are great to add to your book of hairstyles because of the endless possibilities. Thanks to their versatility, you can flat-twist your hair to back and form a sweeping side bun or to the front for a formal up-do; you can even flat twist your way into a mohawk. For shorter lengths, be sure to do smaller twists, so the twist won’t overpower the look. All that’s needed for this natural hairstyle is a few bobby pins and maybe hair gel or edge control to tame your tresses. Here’s one example of a flat twist hairstyle.

2) The Puff

“The Puff” is probably the only hairstyle on the list that can go from being a time-saver to being time-consuming in a matter of instances. This hairstyle is particularly for the natural ladies whose hair is still too short for the mighty bun but would like to create a similar look. The key to this hairstyle is finding products that will help keep your hair smoothed at the roots but won’t encourage shrinkage at the ends. The items needed for this hairstyle are simple as well: bobby pins, headband or hair tie and one or two hair products used for stretching and smoothing your hair.

ThePuff ThePuff2

3) The Bun

Last but not least, we have listed the mighty bun as a “go-to” hairstyle because of its last-minute greatness. Do a low bun or side bun for professional appearances and high, messy buns for fun days at the beach. You can part your hair to add a side bang or simply pull it straight to the back for a more polished look; whatever your heart desires! Just grab a hair tie or two and a few bobby pins to get those fly hairs in check for days of business and you’re well on your way to natural greatness.



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