So you decided to go “Natural”. At first everything was going great! You were pumped. You’ve watched all of the You Tube Videos and bought all types of products. You are now familiar with much of the lingo. You can see yourself trying all of the cute styles and rocking your natural hair! However 6 months into this journey you just don’t feel like this is for you anymore.  All of the negative comments about Natural Hair run through your mind. It seems like all of the jokes, posts with Celie from the Color Purple, Buckwheat, Don King and Fredrick Douglas resemble you. Not to mention the people that stroll by casually with the Natural Disasters aka their attempt to go natural, and you think to yourself.  Do I look like that? You seem to be doing more work to your hair only to be unhappy with the results. Needless to say getting a relaxer starts to look better and better to you.

I have met many women who have gone natural and have fallen off of the wagon so to speak only to regret they went back to relaxer and started over again kicking themselves. In this article I will give you some options for when you feel like giving up.


  1. The first step in going natural is to PROPERLY identify YOUR texture category. This step is extremely crucial because there is nothing more stressful than chasing after a beauty that is not within your grasp. Once you understand how your texture category works you will be able to fall in love with your hair texture which will open your eyes to your very own beauty.


  1. Search for natural style pictures that resemble you. Example, face shape, skin tone for color ideas and hair texture. Finding a picture online can be as simple as going on Google images and typing in for example; big chop on round face or medium afro on oval face with texture and you will see literally hundreds of pictures.


  1. Don’t get hooked on one style. When it comes to natural hair please understand that your style will change as your hair grows out. You have to be willing to change right along with your hair lengths. Again Google Images and Pinterest are very helpful in giving new ideas on styles for every length.


  1. When you feel yourself getting bored. Change it up!!! Find a go to style. If braids or sew in’s are your thing then be sure they are not too tight to cause tension alopecia. Stay away from Glue!! Putting your hair away for a while allows you to get over a hump. Remember your hair grows every day and when you take your hair down rest assured your hair will be longer than it was when you put it away. Change your color! Remember, there are three things that make us fall in love with natural styles; Color, Shape, and Texture.


  1. Find a Stylist who is not afraid of natural hair. Many women have given up not because they hate being natural but because they feel like their stylist does not like working with natural hair and they don’t want to be a burden. While the natural community is growing everyday so are the mind sets of the professional stylists who understand natural hair and want to assist you in your journey


If you want to go natural and stay natural then surround yourself with people that will support you. Please feel free to email me with any questions or just for an intervention (smile) thehairwhisperer1{at}yahoo.com

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