Leslie Lloyd, aka Mrs. Billionaire Body, grew up in the chiropractic office of her grandfather, Dr. Michael Gerdine. She knew from an early age that she too wanted to help others.

As a personal trainer, Ms. Billionaire Body has a number of clients and whether they come to her gym in Overland at 10788 Indian Head Industrial Blvd, or she sees them personally, clients receive personalized care and the motivation they need to get results.

Leslie sees herself on top of the world in the years to come with having her own gym and combination resource center. Her desire is to provide will be fitness clients and St. Louis residents access to a top-notch fitness facility with resources for whatever they need.

DELUX: Tell us a little bit about your own health and nutrition journey.

Leslie Lloyd: When I was two years old, I was diagnosed with a heart condition and had to have surgery. I have an artificial valve in my chest, so I’ve always known that I had to get in a certain amount of cardio and exercise to keep my heart pumping strong. That’s always something that has been with me since I was a child. Moving into my adulthood, I watched my grandfather rehab stroke patients, people who could not walk and people who had trouble speaking.

DELUX: What kind of clients do you serve?

Leslie Lloyd: So right now I’m helping women and men in the area with obtaining the bodies that they just always dreamed of their way, the natural way. These aren’t microwavable health tips that I’m giving, you’re not going to wake up tomorrow skinny. This is a process, and so I’m helping people that are disciplined, ready to change their nutrition, ready to change and add exercise to their daily lifestyle routine. My oldest client at the moment is 67 years old. I travel to her home in North County and we meet twice a week. And then I will train clients as young as ten years old who are overweight.

DELUX: You serve both older and younger clients, so tell us more about work with young clients.

Leslie Lloyd: [Yes] I have them jumping rope, having a good time, playing games, getting them active, because the school systems don’t really require PE like they used to when we were younger.

It’s important that if you know, your child is overweight to get them active. If they don’t like sports, you can call me. Let’s get them in the gym and let’s do some fun stuff with exercise and create a workout regimen that they would enjoy.

Mrs. Billionaire Body says, “Healthy living is wealthy living”, She is dedicated to delivering fitness and financial literacy to St. Louis area residents and people around the globe.

The Billionaire Way

We discussed barriers people face in obtaining the body they want with Ms. Billionaire Body. She tells DELUX Magazine the issue is both, a lack of education and limited finances. To help address these barriers she developed, The Billionare Way, on the AH TV Network.

The Billionaire Way offers the community a free 10 to 15 minute workout and hosts area experts who help persons gain financial literacy to achieve generational wealth. Also featured, are food demonstrations of affordable and healthy meals prepared by chefs who provide the recipe on air.

DELUX: Where can we watch, The Billionaire Way?

Leslie Lloyd: You can get the AH TV Network on Roku, Apple TV, and Fire Stick TV.

DELUX: Can you provide us three steps on how to stay committed?

Leslie Lloyd: First, find your why, the reason why you want to see this change, why are you doing it and then hold on to that. Every time you feel like giving up, you have to pull from that bank. Number two, make it a lifestyle change. Literally. Figure out how to incorporate exercise into your everyday life. I’m squatting and cooking. Literally. I’m in front of my oven, and I’m squatting, and I’m on my couch, and I’m doing my leg lift. Figure out hobbies of things that you like. Three, would be to create a playlist. I am a girl that loves music, and music is good for the soul. It releases stress without us even knowing. So create a playlist of songs that gets you hype and call it your feel good playlist. Those three things have helped me stay committed to making a healthier lifestyle choice and ultimately obtaining my billionaire body.

DELUX: You are very committed to your clients and the community. What can someone expect if they hire you or follow The Billionaire Way?

Leslie Lloyd: When you hire me as a trainer, you get a best friend. Like, we’re texting, we’re calling when they’re in the grocery store. It’s a very personable experience. I am always available because I know that this lifestyle change is not just about me or you. It’s honestly my purpose work. So it goes beyond the dollar for me. My goal is to have a community for people who are trying to hop on a journey that may not have it, because everybody’s not going to be the supportive of you. You might not have accountability partner, but when you become a part of Billionaire Body, you’ll get that times ten!

DELUX: We want all of our readers and persons in the community to thrive as well. What is the best way for persons to join your community?

Leslie Lloyd: Follow Billionaire Body on Facebook if you want to become a part of the community because that’s where we go when we have challenges, workout parties, and more. That’s how you stay connected with what’s going on with the gym itself.

DELUX: Where do you see Mrs. Billionaire Body five years from now?

Leslie Lloyd: Within the next 6 months we will begin shooting The Billionaire Way season two! We will be getting out into the community, networking, and meeting with people in the community. Five years from now, I see that there is a gym where the entire community can come and actually touch these resources. Tangibly, right in the heart of the city. We have a directory of trusted black people who are experts in nutrition, finances, physical and mental health.

DELUX: Leslie, thank you for joining us today. It was a pleasure talking with you!

Leslie Lloyd: Thank you for having me!

If you want to not only get healthy but begin to address financial literacy, then you must connect with Mrs Billionare Body, Leslie Lloyd.

Before you can change your body, you must start with changing your mind and the time to start is today.

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