Candace Brooks sits with DELUX and talks about her experience on the road less traveled, satisfied customers, and plans for growth in the Natural Hair Care Industry.

Mrs. Brooks is not only the founder of Kandeez Delite but also a user of its products. As a person living with Alopecia, through her own practical experience and expertise, she created her Kandeez Delite Natural Herbal Hair Growth Oil. In February 2020 her husband encouraged her to begin helping others and making her products available on the market.

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DELUX: What valuable lessons have you learned so far from being in business?

Candace Brooks: The most valuable lesson I learned is to getting to know my customers and getting to know their hair journey. So with me going through my hair journey, I definitely want to be a part of theirs. I want to know what type of steps they’re taking, what type of other products they’re taking to get the hair goals that they’re trying to achieve.

DELUX: Who is Kandeez Delite made for?

Candace Brooks: Kadeez Delite Natural Hair Care is for black women who want 100% Nartural Handmade Hair Care Products. It’s for people of color who have looser curls, tight curls, medium curls, kinky curls. So it’s in that spectrum for African Americans, for us, by us. That’s what we are on.

DELUX: Please share some success stories that your clients experienced?

Candace Brooks: I have two special customers who just love my products. They’re loyal customers, one has Lupus, and the other one has Alopecia. I communicate with them one on one. The doctors love how my products are working for her hair.

DELUX: Tell me a little bit more about “Trusting the Process” this was a repeated phrase that we picked up from you.

Candace Brooks: I always tell my customers, your hair is a great thing and it is a great thing that you’re doing to grow it. But always know you got to trust the process on using my products. Trust it and believe that it will work for you and it does. I tell them it’s 100% guaranteed you will see results and every time that happens, they always do.

DELUX: What message do you want share with consumers?

Candace Brooks: I chose the color purple and the color purple means royalty. When every customer who comes to me, I always let them know your hair, your crown, is royalty. Take pride in what you have. I know some girls who are scared to show their natural hair. I’m like. Don’t be scared. Protect It. Love It. It took me years to figure that out.

DELUX: What is currently your best selling product?

Candace Brooks: My best selling product is our Herbal Hair Growth Oil, I also have it in a butter form. So with those two combined, you’ll definitely see those results.

Kandeez Delite Natural Hair Care is sure to be a household name one day. Whether you use Kandeez Delite products to help grow your hair or use them to help with conditions such as Alopeicia, Lupus, or Psoriasis you are sure to receive quality products and service. Visit Kandeez Delite online at and you can follow them and witness the companies growth via their socials @kandeezdelite.

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