Judy Hope (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Wily Fox (Jason Bateman) team up to take the city of Zootopia (city of animals) by storm. Judy is a small eager rabbit,determined to be successful. She tries out for the Zootopia Police Academy and succeeds. She becomes the first rabbit to become an officer of the law as well as obtaining a profession other than the family business which is carrot farming. Once she has settled into her assigned position as a traffic cop, which she dispises. She decides to make the best of the situation. Judy succeeds at this position with the hope that better assignments will come her way. On one of her routine traffic stops she spots Wily Fox, it was at this point that she finds out about his con artist ways. As smart as Judy is she uses Wily Fox and his street smarts to her benefit once she agrees to take on an otter dissaperance case.

While she and Wily Fox are on the prowl for the disappearance of the otter, she stumbles upon more of the same cases and animals gone rogue. The city of Zootopia has deemed “predators” unsafe an inhumane. Judy and Wily Fox set out to solve this mystery and dispell the stereotypes of these animals. As they un-cover more details about the city’s role in these cases, Judy and Wily Folx succeed at bringing justice to the missing animals and shows the world we are all equal.

This movie is a true success story of determination and the tolerance of ones individuality and believing that we are all one. Purchase your tickets now!

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