A Love story, that’s a tale of revenge, disguised as a superhero with adrenaline fueled, blood soaked, potty mouthed comedy. This, beloved readers, is Deadpool.

I need you to see this film. You need you to see this film, technically, but you get my meaning. Where do I begin?!? Ryan Reynolds (Wolverine:Origins, Green Lantern) makes up for the mistake the studio “assheads” made by sewing his characters mouth shut in “Wolverine:Origin” with his own movie: DEADPOOL. He plays Wade Wilson, a honorably psychotic ex-special forces operative, turned muscle for hire. He is diagnosed with brain/lung/prostate/liver cancer, and then gets offered the opportunity to save his own life through various experiments, which give him extreme healing abilities. With a newly found soulmate (Morena Baccarin) to get back to, he accepts the treatment administered by his soon to be nemesis, Ajax (Ed Skrein). The trailer gives us all of this build up. But what it doesn’t show is the intensity that every second of this film provides.

This is a 2 hour adrenaline rush that doesn’t feel cheesy or derived or like a diluted version of the source material. Ryan Reynolds is gonna play this character until he dies. This could single handedly save the Fox side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With Hugh Jackman having only one Wolverine left on his contract( please make a version of the “Old Man Logan” story), and with Jennifer Lawrence leaving the MCU after “X-Men: Apocolypse”, Fox needs a new a-list actor to be the proverbial “franchise player” for the foreseeable future. Deadpool is an amazing start. Not to mention TJ Miller plays Weasel, Wades bartender/friend who is hilarious as the film allows him to be. There is no dead air in this movie. From inside jokes, to gory action, to a non drowsy love arc, to brilliantly organized anarchy, to a thirst for revenge, there is no disappointment to be had here. A few characters could’ve been expounded upon, like his roommate/confidant Blind Al (Leslie Uggams). But that’s what Deadpool 2 is for (*wink*). The amazingly side splitting moments happen so fast, you can’t catch them all over the audiences laughter. Please go see this movie. We could possibly get more R rated, well thought out Marvel films, with your support. This is way beyond a simple superhero flick. This is……DP (phrasing).

 Deadpool is Rated R

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