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Well, get out your chimichangas and fourth wall break reactions, because the ‘Merc with the mouth’ has returned to the big screen in Deadpool 2.

Shaking up the PG-13 monotony of the superhero genre once again, DP2 (starring Ryan Reynolds) goes as many steps further with their R rating as the Fox side of Marvel will allow. Seeing how much money the first one made ($745.7 Million) with a budget of paper clips and silly string, you could tell this time with now deserved extra leeway, they wanted to leave no pop culture reference unmentioned. Mission accomplished.

This film is funnier, bolder, faster, bloodier, and even cheesier than the first one. The pinpoint accurate “tongue in cheek” campy joy this franchise provides is desperately adored/appreciated in a world where powerhouse film studios can’t even create decent films for iconic intellectual property.

Reynolds feels like he was ‘born to play Deadpool’, and I cannot disagree. A massive triumph from the screen writers on down. Josh Brolin shows up to show out as Cable, one month after blowing our minds as Thanos in “Avengers: Infinity War”. Can’t really spoil it for you, because it’s so random and all over the place, in a good way.

Cable comes to the past to right a wrong that DP won’t allow him to fix. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Yada yada yada, IS THERE MORE THAN TWO BIG ACTION SEQUENCES THIS TIME, ROCKY?!?!?! Yes, and please don’t interrupt me again.

Majority of the movie is setting up the audience for a fail, and DP laughing at or with us when it comes to pass. It’s one of the most interactive films this genre has seen. Lots and lots of cameos that any movie fan would be shocked at, and some that everyone saw coming. Regardless, Deadpool 2 is so worth seeing in theaters. Please go with a friend who can enjoy a fart joke, and a theme song performed by Celine Dion.

Oh, before I forget, Zazie Beetz steals in entire film. She plays Domino, a hero whose super power is luck, and she owns every scene she graces. Be sure to see one of the smartest properties Fox has green-lit in their superhero toy chest. Nobody loses seeing this film.

Enjoy. We’ll talk again, soon.

Deadpool 2 in theaters everywhere May 18th