motivational sunday

Once I graduated I felt as though I needed a break from reading! My brain was completely fried! I went back a year later and read more in order to receive my Master’s degree. I told myself I would not read another book for years!!!

Now, I am part of a book club (that’s hilarious considering my feelings towards reading). We are reading Don’t Settle for Safe by Sarah Jakes Roberts. It is all about embracing the uncomfortable to become unstoppable.

This book was definitely worth me coming out of my hiatus of reading! One thing that stood out in this motivational sundaybook was this sentence –‘We choose to view our future through the lens of past disappointments.’ Heavy stuff!

How many times in life do we allow past hurts, disappointments, frustrations to stop us from moving forward? People let us down and sometimes we often let ourselves down. Many times we may feel as though there is no point in dreaming or ever hoping again. We often miss the lessons we needed to learn from the situation.

Everything definitely happens for a reason. Our deepest pain is often our greatest testimony! If you have to cry it’s okay! If you have to seek therapy, it’s okay! Don’t stop hoping. Don’t stop believing! The world needs your talents and your gifts. There is only one you! So when you show up through all the pain and disappointments, remember that someone is waiting on you! Who’s key do you have that will help them unlock something in their life? Don’t settle for safe!




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