These days we never know who is really real on Reality TV and apparently the same goes for the rap game. We all have heard of janky promoters— now we would like to introduce you to, arguably, The Janky Brother…  Taguari “TQ” Hatch. He is the older brother, and by most accounts the manager as well, of rap star Lil Boosie.

Since Lil Boosie’s acquittal, there have long been whispers about his official business alliances . But as his release date draws near, there are now widespread discussions on the questionable and unethical business practices of Lil Boosie’s brother and manager “TQ”. Even here in the Midwest, we have experienced issues with a plethora of promoters either alleging to have Lil Boosie booked while other, well known and proven successful promoters, not wanting to give their money to his brother “TQ”. Radio has even chimed in and regardless of who you are as an artist, you will need radio.

So as a result of all of the chatter we decided to set out for our own facts check mission, and we were able to substantiate some significant points. While there should be no shame on having any type of job, some people might understand how “TQ”, allegedly a college graduate, could become a little disgruntled at the fact that while he was slaving at Cox Cable (we learned he has now quit), his younger brother, Lil Boosie, was rolling in money and the success and fame of being one of our nation’s favorite rap artists. Despite all of his legal troubles of late, Lil Boosie had, and continues to have, a cult-like following and fan base. We here, at Delux Magazine, have always been supporters and fans of his music. That still holds true to this day.

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Our facts check mission lead us to discover that “TQ”, Lil Boosie’s brother and manager, and former Cox cable employee, received and cashed his brother’s publishing checks. This is a practice which continues today. What’s most astonishing is that, prior to his incarceration, Lil Boosie had allegedly never received a publishing check in his entire professional recording career. So when a former close associate of Lil Boosie assisted him with getting publishing dollars owed to him, his brother strategically implanted himself square in the center of Lil Boosie’s business matters. That was evident by the fact he eventually convinced Lil Boosie to make him an authorized payee, then he subsequently quit his job and purchased a brand new foreign sports car (after his original vehicle reportedly broke down).


All of those things, individually, may not sound bad but when you put them together it’s pretty flagrant. Why not simply deposit your brother’s legitimately earned income into an interest baring account so that he could provide for his children and family, not to mention him being able to pay for the mounting legal fees which the likes of Yo Gotti and a very few others helped him with? Even if he offered you money, why, as his older (then employed) more educated brother, take an advantageous position and accept money from your (incarcerated) and nearly broke brother, whom you had intimate knowledge that was reportedly being robbed by his (former) label, TRILL Entertainment?

After all, how far will being associated with an event promotions “tastemaker society of New Orleans” get you; or earn you? Has it really afforded you this reversal of fortune; since your brother’s fortune has been accessible to you? Furthermore, since Lil Boosie fought to sever ties with his former management and record label, why convince him to re-establish ties, on any level, unless it was personally (and financially) beneficial to you (“TQ”)? Oh we get it — you abuse his trust and loyalty in you, his beloved older brother, and go rob him too. With the above speculation we must also inquire, is this a common practice just with Lil Boosie or is this widespread across all Bad Azz Entertainment artists?

We have personally spoken to professionals, promoters, and at least one influential industry executive, who allege “TQ” intentionally blocks or interferes with lucrative business offers for Lil Boosie. We have also learned that, that is becoming the common buzz word for Lil Boosie and his manager “brother”. If it does not benefit “TQ” there is a very strong possibility that not only will he not entertain the idea, he will not share it with Lil Boosie either. He is known for failing to follow through with simple return calls or emails. The leading complaint is that “TQ won’t answer the phone”. With an artist with such high potential for success as Lil Boosie, how can any person in authority, routinely fail to answer or return calls?  We were told, this lack of proper business etiquette, and gross lack of morals, has lead and will continue to lead to the dismantling of Lil Boosie’s return to music and his efforts to climb to the top, in the rap game.

While our research has shown us that it appears “TQ” is living a rather stress free life while his incarcerated brother, whom he never before was a significant part of his career before, remains strapped for cash. “TQ” has an extravagant wedding approaching. He and his future wife, Nadia Pappas, shop, travel extensively in and out of the country, and are photographed on yachts with friends, all while no longer employed full-time. Like us, we are certain his fans and many others are interested in knowing how (and why) is this possible? Many say the “why” is due to his (“TQ”) secret of having a bad gambling habit. When your brother, who is also your manager, is continually turning down opportunities and financial stability, routinely shields and drives off credible and professional personnel and tastemakers from you, we cannot help but question his (real) loyalty. So we ask, what is the True Vision?

We just hope it isn’t too late for Lil Boosie’s return to the stage for the windfall of cash that should have been destined to be bestowed upon him. In our talks and calls to a few promoters, we have been told that they are no longer interested in giving cash deposits to “TQ”. Some have told us that they are no longer interested in even booking Lil Boosie while others have said they question “TQ”’s quote on the actual price to book Lil Boosie. It is common knowledge amongst many promoters, and in various states nationwide, that “TQ” has taken (is taking) money in the amounts exceeding tens of thousands of dollars, and then refusing to correspond with these promoters again, thereby leaving them with no knowledge of where their individual investments for a Lil Boosie show has really gone. One individual, and Lil Boosie supporter who spoke on condition of anonymity, stated that he actually never knew Lil Boosie even had a brother. Others have maintained “TQ” was never an integral part of Lil Boosie’s rap career before he went to jail. So our research leaves us with the fact that this former Cox Cable, obscure older brother with a clonker automobile, unbeknownst to many, is suddenly thrust into the spotlight by taking hold and control of his younger, rap artist brother’s money, and is smiling and profiling, and traveling the world with a new bride-to-be. We can almost surmise that Lil Boosie’s incarceration effectively changed his brother’s life; for the better.

While we are awaiting comment from Lil Boosie’s team, as a responsible reporter of facts to our consumers, who are music lovers and fans of Lil Boosie, let’s hope he comes out and immediately get with a legal and financial planning team. He may actually never know how much money his brother “TQ” has allegedly ciphered from his publishing checks or cash deposits. He will be able to check on some of these publishing check allegations because, have no doubt, the state and federal government is watching and will check even if Lil Boosie fails to. But in moving forward hopefully Lil Boosie will surround himself with those that have remained unconditionally loyal to him and those that will be nothing short of beneficial to him, his children, and his future as a man, a father and a successful rap artist. And that’s not to say he will (or should) exclude his brother, although he has reportedly caused irreversible harm to his name and career. It’s to say that there is clear proof that some potential growth, and possibly cash, has been stolen from him, by his brother, and that’s a pathetic reality.

We just hope this doesn’t end where the potential has been clear in hip-hop. Violence.


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