Chrisette Michelle

Words by Tiffany Shawn


tumblr_mczminv1QD1r8jq5po1_400I’ve been a follower of Chrisette Michele since she released her first single “If I have my way” almost a decade ago. Her vocal abilities were, and still are, refreshing. While her sound has matured over time, it’s still quality music that makes you sing, dance, and reminisce on past relationships.


In concert, Chrisette Michele shines. She’s something like a comedian; full of personality! She speaks to the audience like they’re her homegirls (and boys). Along with her background singers and four-piece band, Chrisette crooned through a solid 11 songs. She even blessed the stage with a couple gospel tunes amidst mentioning her upcoming album, The Lyricist Opus, which releases this summer and will feature a gospel track titled “Crowning Glory”.

But, back to the band…The Rat Pack, as Chrisette affectionately called them, were awesome! Each member played a solo during the show, yet Chrisette grinned and blushed during the acoustic electric guitarists solo before calling him the sexiest man on the planet. It was then I remembered why I recognized his face! He plays her love interest in the video “A Couple of Forevers.” I guess he wasn’t playing *wink*.


Reality television also caught Chrisette’s eye. She revealed that she’d be on the next season of R&B Divas. Thankfully she didn’t smack anybody but it sounded like she surely came close in the “rainforest of black women.” I’m looking forward to seeing her on my television screen in that setting.


Chrisette’s evolving sound is here to stay and she gets better with time! Continue to be on the look out for her future projects.

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