Soooo, about last night’s US Presidential Debate between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, and Republican nominee Donald Trump. Reportedly this year’s debate may¬†have more viewers than the ¬†2012 debate between Obama and Romney.

To some, it was the most embarrassing US debate yet. From the child-like taunts to the mud-slinging underhanded insults, or even¬†Lester Holt’s lack of control. However, this debate¬†may go down history¬†as the¬†most shade thrown ever.

While for others who may have been straddling the fence tuned in to receive ideas from both sides. Important issues on foreign policy or health care, policing in the community will determine who they vote for in November.

Then for the more relaxed crowd, this was the ¬†opportune time¬†to create a ¬†drinking game. Taking shots or a drink each time Trump said “Make America Great Again” or when¬†Hilary’s email scandal was¬†the deflection point,¬†was just what the debate watch party needed.

Whichever way you spent your time watching the debate, Delux would like to know what you thought about it. The Good, Bad, and Ugly.

Editor’s note: This photo was taken by the Huffington Post

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