The final “Friday” movie sequel wouldn’t be complete without both Ice Cube and Chris Tuckerand if the rumors are true, the world can finally rest a little easier.

The movie poster above hit the net a few days ago, giving all indications that “Last Friday” is finally coming to fruition. As you know, Cube had been in talks with all members of the “Friday” movie’s original cast of characters and Tucker was the one missing link.

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Earlier this year, word on the curb was that Tucker didn’t feel that his revisiting the role of “Smokey” would be good for his Christian image, however with the IRS and Ice Cube both beating down his door, it looks like Chris has finally had a change of heart!

Details…According to AllHipHop:

Well lookie what we have here! Lets not even play games. Ice Cube has revealed to us exclusively that he’s fully confirmed for a new movie in the “Friday” series. But, this time, he managed to get Chris Tucker on board to get everybody sky-high once again. Let me tell you – this is good news!

Now as far as the “everybody” else, I am not sure who that is, but I’m thinking everybody else may be overload for the movie. Too many laughs!

But wait… Cube admits that until he finishes the script and Tucker actually shows up for work, it’s all hearsay.

I’m still writing [the screenplay]. I’m still in the process, I’m deep into it… [The title is] Last Friday. I want him to be in it. He’s given us every indication that he’s gonna be in it.

Until he shows up on set, you never know. That’s really how it goes.

I’m almost finished with the script, so as soon as we can finish the script, fast motion on it.

Are you looking forward to Tucker’s return to the big screen in Last Friday?

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