St. Louis artist KV Thompson, also known as KV The Writer, is more than just that. She sings, raps, writes her own music, and she’s even a published author. KV been writing since she was a kid and with that she’s perfected the skill.

KV’s recent project is about a guy breaking up with her at an ice cream shop. With her getting her heart broke, she channeled her hurt into her music, a full blown EP titled Love Sucks. DELUX was able to talk to her about her transparency, her talents and being an artist here in St. Louis.

DELUX: Being an artist comes with practice or it’s a natural thing. How do you start out singing?

KV: I honestly don’t consider myself a singer lol, I think of myself as a songwriter that tries to deliver songs the way I think they should be delivered. Sometimes that requires me to sing. Other times rap. I just try to bring songs to life the best way I can. My producer/engineer is the one that makes me into a singer.

DELUX: Were you hesitant on being so transparent about getting your heart broke?

KV: Not at all. I laugh at myself a lot, including when I get my heart broken. Of course, at the time, it wasn’t very funny, but after a while I would look back and laugh at myself about all the weird and ridiculous situations I found myself in.

DELUX: When dealing with getting your heart broke, did it change your perception on dating during these times versus 10 years ago?

KV: I can say 10 years ago I knew nothing about dating or what it meant to be your full self while in a partnership. 10 years from now I’m sure I’ll still be learning about how to form a romantic partnership with another person. I would say getting my heartbroken was a much needed lesson on love and attachment. It made me realize that we don’t own people, even the ones we love. People are free to walk out of your life for whatever reason. We have to appreciate the moments and seasons they are in our life, and don’t try to hold on to something past its time.

DELUX: How long have you been singing and who is the inspiration behind your sound?

KV: I started really developing the sound I have now about 2 years ago. I pushed my pen by writing songs every day for a whole year. During this time, I experimented a lot. I played around by writing songs for different genres, started practicing making melodies, and played with my voice a lot. I guess what inspires my sound is just being true to me. Whatever I feel like should come out, I do that.

DELUX: Your song “Crazy” is dope with you rapping and singing? There are only so many female artist that does that such as Nicki Minaj and even Lauryn Hill. With you having talent in both, would you consider yourself a singer, rapper or an artist overall?

KV: I consider myself an artist overall. In addition to songwriting, I write fiction, poetry, and personal narratives. I published a poetry book “Of Magic and Madness” in 2017 that won a national book award this year. My artistry is in all that I do with writing. My ultimate goal is to become the biggest writer to come out of this city.

DELUX: You have a different look. More female artists are presenting themselves with more of a  chill attire like SZA and Kehlani. How did you come up with your look?

KV: Honestly, I have always been a tomboy and just want to be comfortable in whatever I’m wearing. I don’t care what I wear as long as I feel good in it.

DELUX: Being an artist in st Louis can be a hit or miss situation. Have you considered moving out of state if the opportunity presents itself or staying local for a while?

KV: I think St. Louis is breeding some of the most creative/talented people in the world. For some reason, the world doesn’t want to acknowledge that a lot of cultural influences are coming from right here. Since the rest of the world doesn’t want to look at us, I plan to leave the city for a while to get in their face. When I have their attention, I’ll bring it back here. I’ll always come back to my home.

DELUX: So, since Love is your focus topic for this EP, have you thought about what you’ll talk about in your next upcoming projects or do you have so many love experiences to speak about that Love will be your main topic for a minute?

KV: I don’t want to spoil it because I’m already working on project number 3, but I’m building a whole world around the idea of love. I think we need more of it in the world and there is just so much to talk about. There’s unrequited love, romantic love, platonic love, damaged love, love for humanity, and so much more. I’ll just say I’ll be on this topic for a while.

DELUX: Also I listened to your lyrics for “Crazy” and it sounds like you love hard. What is your zodiac sign because you know they say certain signs love harder than others?

KV: LOL. Once you hear the rest of my project you might change your mind. I’m a Taurus. My birthday is actually the day after my show.

DELUX: Happy early Birthday!! So, What message do you want to send in your music?

KV: I just want to connect with people. I make music about very human experiences, and I want to send the message that “Hey, you are not alone. What you are going through is a story of many similar stories.”

DELUX: Besides the release of your EP, do you have any other projects and events coming up?

KV: Yes! Be on the lookout for my companion project to Love Sucks! sometime in the summer.

KV The Writer will be performing live at The Monocle on Tuesday April 30 8pm.

Follow her on Instagram at @KVTheWriter and check out her music on Sound Cloud!

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