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This week marks a pivotal time in the music career of Eric Donte. Eric Donte is a 22-year-old musician born and raised in St. Louis and tomorrow, he will be releasing his latest EP, titled, “God Don’t Like Ugly.”

Donte got his beginning while performing at First Friday in Old North and he’s been gaining faithful fans every since. People are captivated by his performances because of his lyrics and the presence his team gives on stage and everywhere else they go. His team of close friends and back up dancers go by the name of, “Ugly Massacre.”

The word, “ugly”, is a key factor in Eric Donte’s music career. From being homeless to a friend of his committing suicide, he has felt the pains of an ugly life. It is with that pain, that he developed a new meaning for the word. His definition for ugly is now “Understand God Love Yourself,” and he has developed a positive image form the word.

“Following these major events, I really did start to feel like God didn’t like me because all I did was make music and pray to him. That’s what this ep is about; the different feels and moods I went through in these [trying] times. The [EP], “God Don’t Like Ugly,” will really take you through different emotions with it’s beautiful lyrics and production. Each song has a different feel and sound so be prepared. I like to call it ghetto trance,” said Eric Donte.

Make sure you’re in the building tomorrow for Eric Donte’s album release party at Gateway Gallery (21 N Bemiston Ave, Clayton, MO 63105). He will be dropping his first compilation and sharing his journey through an ugly life with you.



Check out the EP on his soundcloud tomorrow, which features one of my favorite tracks featuring great visual’s,”Afternoon.” Here’s the link to where the EP will drop:


Follow Eric on social media at: