Jordon Ryan

Left to deal with the disappointment of watching his dreams of traditional senior activities deferred due to the uncertainties of the Covid-19 pandemic, 18-year-old Jordon Ryan decided to take a different approach to help the world around him cope. 

While wrapping up his last year of high school at John Borroughs and entering his first year of college at Grinnell College in virtual learning environments, he didn’t panic, but instead, he focused on his future and found his voice in the midst of chaos. 

“It was a blessing in disguise for me because it gave me more time to practice basketball and do music more.” Ryan continued, “So, I had more time to do music, and I started to realize it was a talent of mine—something I could be really good at.”

Although Ryan is new to the music scene, he’s not new to music. His decade of experience as a trumpet player helped him to arrange and compose the melodic music he’s been working so diligently to make. With inspiration from the love songs of the 90’s, Ryan has plans to infuse the industry with the music he was raised on. “I want to bring the 90’s feel R&B back while incorporating my own style as well.” 

Dead Roses on Soundcloud

Ryan released Dead Roses, a five track EP earlier this month on all streaming platforms.  Inspired by a conversation between he and his mother, Ryan compares not properly loving a woman with picking her dead roses.

“If you don’t love a woman for who she is, you’re picking dead roses. You’re not giving her your full effort. You’re not giving her 100% love.”

Jordon Ryan

Each song offers his take on various aspects of love. He introduces his project with “Body of a Woman” which offers a melodic tribute to women and their glory, setting the tone for the rest of the project, as Ryan explains the meaning behind his tracks: 

“’All Alone’ expresses self-love; while ‘Dead Roses’ expresses the love you give to women in your lives and people in general. ‘Lil Feeling Bout’ You’ expresses optimism about the love you may have for someone, and ‘We Deserve to Be’ explains that love is love. No matter who it is, if you love someone you deserve to be with that person.”

Jordan Ryan is an ambitious young man on a mission to spread love and life through his lyrics. 

“I want to put some love into the world and use my platform to reach out to people with love and especially spread love through my music.” He closed, “I wanted to fill those gaps of love, show how to love, and show the world you’re worthy of love too.” 

@IamJordonRyan (IG and Twitter)

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