Hey I’ve been blessed once again to do a sampling of Verizon’s product the IPhone 4s. On Dec. 21st I signed up and attended a workshop thru Verizon for the IPhone 4s. It was amazing!! I’m a new IPhone user and man when I tell you, I left that workshop in love with Verizon and  Steve Jobs (r.i.p). Verizon’s  Sales Manager Donald was an excellent and patient conductor. The only thing that was needed was a stronger visual presentation. But none the least we had a great time learning to use the IPhone 4s.

Verizon has something good going on with these workshops for their products. Their interactive and informative to the point that all questions can be asked and answered… no matter what the question is… Like ” numbers by my Messages icon what that mean?”

Paul and Loretta had a field day asking Donald questions… “why is it  that every time I hit the button to go back off a page that it takes me to the home page?”

The highlight of the Verizon Iphone Workshop was… meeting Siri.  Siri lets me use my voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls and create memos.  I can ask Siri to do anything just by talking the way I talk. Siri understands what I say, she knows what I mean, and even talks back. Siri does so much that I’m still learning more and more of her functions.. I told her I was in the mood for Pizza and she found 18 pizza places and 13 were close to my vicinity… I EFFIN LOVE HER….

Oh Yeah this post was created on the Verizon IPhone 4s… follow me @BRKLYNSTL

this photo shot with IPhone 4s… DOPE!!


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