He schooled us on how to successfully be a Mack in How to Be a Player; unfortunately, we also saw him get played in Getting Played; he brought us his offense in Any Given Sunday; he also showed us the importance of brotherhood in The Brothers.

Everything from Love Jones to Love Stinks, this dude keeps us laughing like hell!

He just recently stopped through the STL for his brand new comedy tour, “Ladies Night Out”, which features a gang of comics all in one show to help remind the ladies that comedy is SEXY!

“St. Louis was incredible for us! 2 sold out shows [with] the warmest, most outgoing people. We had [them] laughing and dancing in the aisles [laughs].”

“It just made for an electric night!”

The show, created not just for the ladies, focuses mainly on relationship issues that anyone can relate to.

“Men and women come out to let their hair down and forget about their troubles. This is a project that is just plain fun!”

Bellamy also uses the comedy tour as a platform for mentoring young, up and coming comedians.

Featuring comedic newcomers Ali Siddiq as the host, and J. Reid and D’Lai as the opening acts, Bellamy offers the audience a fresh-faced alternative to the same comedians that we already know and love.

“[I teach them] how to be focused and [to] strive for excellence in every show. [I also teach them that] the fans are everything! We are here to be entertainers. The show must have all the bells and whistles! It has to be worth it!”

And clearly it is.

This tour is one of three taped shows for Bellamy’s up and coming comedy specials.

“We shot this as a comedy special for Showtime with behind the scenes footage from some of our favorite cities. St. Louis is included!”

The tour is geared up to become bigger, better, funnier and sexier!

“We will be a full throttle tour in theatres on our way to arenas! I’m looking forward to this new year with unlimited possibilities!”

Aside from creating buzz and anticipation from his “Ladies Night Out” segment, Bellamy is also working on another Showtime comedy special, Crazy, Sexy, Dirty, in which he offers a no-hold back standup routine filled with everything crazy, everything sexy, and most definitely everything dirty.

And for those not hip to the crazy, sexy, dirty jokes up his sleeve, Bellamy also teamed with American Family Insurance to offer the “Standing Up for Family” comedy special, showcasing some of today’s hottest comedians, making the whole family laugh.

And to add his long list of film credits, Bellamy also has a new film coming out this year, Sleeping Around. Coming out later this year, Sleeping Around is a screw ball sex comedy following two couples and their ten rules to a happy, healthy and open relationship.

This guy keeps the laughs coming – he’s like the freaking Energizer Bunny of comedy [laughs].

“That’s how we roll baby [laughs]!”



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