Innovative Concept Academy is ushering a new era in the St. Louis community. Kicking their year off right, the school will be incorporating a College and Career Assurance Program for students who want to continue pursuing their diploma and move on to higher education.

Located in St. Louis, Missouri, Innovative Concept Academy is a one of -a-kind school. It is the only school in America overseen by a court system dedicated to the education and rehabilitation of delinquent teens.  

St. Louis Circuit Court Judge Jimmie M. Edwards opened ICA in the fall of 2009, after becoming frustrated with seeing juveniles constantly returning to his courtroom. Also serving as the city’s Public Safety Director, Edwards’s vision was to create a buffer to the “School to Prison Pipeline” for challenged students.

Innovative Concept Academy is an incredible alternative school within the St. Louis Public School District. They provide a variety of opportunities and extracurricular activities for students to both grow and learn.


Photo by Patrick T. Fallon for The Wall Street Journal

There are also counseling services and special support for students who may find themselves challenged. The staff is equipped to handle the various challenges that may arise in any school, but are more likely to occur in alternative program settings. Students are truly given a different chance to succeed at ICA.

Edwards has been a tremendous advocate for at risk youth throughout St. Louis. Appointing Dr. A. Michael Shaw as the new director of ICA, a closer analysis of the academic setting was performed.

“Every student should be given the right kind of chance to succeed! When given the right kind of chance they need, they bloom to greatness! For alternative students ICA CCAP is that right chance!” says Dr. A. Michael Shaw.

It was determined that more could be done to help students who were willing to put forth the effort to self-correct, move forward academically and improve their social behavior. Innovative Concept Academy College and Career Assurance Program (ICA CCAP) was conceived.

Orientation of the students started in December. The new program started January 3, 2018 when students returned from Winter Break. To celebrate the new program, a ribbon ceremony will be held today at 11 a.m.





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