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“Hello, may I please speak to Mikey the Trap Ninja?”

Mike Turner, creator of Everything’s Fly STL laughed and then confirmed I was indeed speaking to him. (For clarity- he laughed mostly because I’m hilarious but also because I think I’m pretty much the only person who legit refers to people as their twitter names. )

What started as a kickback party at a friend’s house in 2015, is now slated to turn into a 4-part tour that will take Everything’s Fly all across the country. Turner couldn’t be more thankful or prepared. “There are dope artists here in St. Louis and abroad that need exposure. The city has momentum that I just want to help with in any way possible,” he stated.

And I agree.

Since taking my talents from Chicago to STL last year, I’ve been hearing creatives all across that city saying similar things. An Artistic Renaissance is happening in St. Louis.  And Wednesday confirmed what everyone is thinking, St. Louis is shifting and everyone is noticing.

The energy in the basement of Blueberry Hill that night was electric. I felt like I was watching all your favorite artists when they were just getting started.  There were cultures of all kinds enjoying themselves and each other in peace. No fights broke out. A mosh pit, granted. But no fights.  There was this one dude that performed with this super futuristic crutch thing that gave him like an extra leg, but I’m pretty sure he came in like that. ( I’ll include videos below for reference.) Also, don’t feel bad for him because he was really good at crutching around the party. When I say that boy was MOVING, he was moving.


It was immaculate. (What up Preach?). Turner, who also manages musical acts one of them being Jack Spear, is gearing up to create more events like this one. To see more of him and to bring the event to your city, visit their website or follow them on Instagram at @everythingsfly_. His blog is immaculate! (shout out to my camera man for the night @_OGPreach)

Meanwhile, I’m back at the Bat cave. Check out some of my favorite highlights from the party above. Oh, and be sure to look for the one 8-year-old kid that was super hype. He’s the best part.

Until then, later kids!





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