That iPhone of yours looks downright tacky with your Giorgio Armani suit. Why not get something a little classier, in the form of the Giorgio Armani smartphone? The bronze detailing is sure to match whatever designer watch you happen to be wearing, and, well, there’s the Armani name on the face just so everyone knows you spent big, but didn’t necessarily shop smart. Indeed, the 700 Euro price tag is designed to separate a fool and his money, but the use of Windows Mobile 6.5 should give you even greater pause.

Samsung’s the manufacturer, giving you a 3.5-inch AMOLED screen (very nice), 8 GB of storage, a 5-megapixel camera and built-in GPS. Other than that, it’s a basic slider with a QWERTY keyboard, not unlike HTC’s Touch Pro 2, running on the aforementioned WinMo 6.5. Reviews of Microsoft’s latest operating system have not been particularly warm, ironically because it is not the most elegant platform you can have. Still, if you’re a business-minded millionaire (think “new money” vs. “old money”), WinMo’s built-in productivity tools, such as Word and Excel, will keep you connected to work even when you’re hobnobbing at high-class social events. Armani, in a statement, said the phone is “perfect for today’s managers.”

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