is a fresh new clothing  brand coming out of Saint Louis. The brand was founded in 2010 by Kyle Griffin and Dion Johnson to target the growing subculture  of skate boarders and urban backpackers. Inspired by his love for the fashion movement known as urban street wear, Kyle said he came up with the idea after watching Revenge of the Nerds a 1984 comedy classic about a group of college nerds   trying to  stop the constant abuse and harassment of campus jocks. GEEK’D UP has expanded to reach a market of young urban professional men who represent the creative and edgy side of Saint Louis. With it’s nerdy glasses and classic bow tie as the trademark logo, GEEK’D UP plans to expand it’s product line to include women and children’s clothes and accessories. Logo T-shirts are currently being sold at RSRVD boutique in the Delmar Loop.  “We are striving to be a brand that creates trends not copy them.”


photo shoot coming soon….

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