My daddy’s not perfect but God made him just for me.
He’s my protector, my provider, he’s always looking out for me.

My daddy’s my best friend, my first, true love.
Our bond is so special, it could only have been cultivated from above.

Mommies show us how little girls should be, while daddies show us how little girls should be treated. An example of love, hard work, responsibility… all the things that’s needed. To instill in us healthy self-esteem, so I’m not afraid to go after my dreams.

I just want to say ‘thank you’, Daddy, for the love and care you give to me. Thank you for your time and for making great memories. Memories that I will treasure and never forget. Thank you for always showing me what family really meant. – LaMia L. Ashley

The power of FORGIVENESS is so real. Yesterday, was my father’s birthday and I was overwhelmed with emotion at how much I love him. You see, my father hasn’t done EVERYTHING right. In fact, he’s done some things that some would say are unforgivable, but I’ve decided to see past those things. Sometimes, we have to meet people where they are. Not for them, so much, but for us. When we choose to hold on to hate, anger, resentment and be unforgiving, we are the ones that walk around hurting and broken. Yes, those people should be held accountable for hurting us, but let them bear that burden.

I’ve spent valuable time in therapy, processing my hurts, only to realize one, major theme: let go!!! Let the pain go so that you can move on. I know it sounds easier said than done, but it’s attainable. I promise you! Let go and start living. Even if you have to forgive yourself FIRST!



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