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Why R. Kelly’s sexual perversions keep making the news is beyond me. It’s not like we don’t already know he likes lil girls and he’s not going to stop sexually entertaining them. But, in the spirit of keeping our readers informed, we will share this recent news of his latest allegations that won’t stay trapped in that doggone closet.

In recent news, the R&B crooner’s ex, Kitti Jones has been quite vocal about his “alleged” sexual activities. Now if you think back, not long-ago, rumors surfaced about Kells and his underground sex cult he had going on in a sex dungeon. Well it seems they have resurfaced.

In a BBC documentary titled, R. Kelly: Sex, Girls And Videotapes, Jones has come forward about Kelly introducing her to a woman he allegedly trained to be a sex slave in his sex dungeon. Jones states that the woman was only 14 when he first met her.

Talk about when a woman’s fed up.

r kelly

Jones candidly explains her experiences with the singer. In a different publication, she states the 12 Play singer coerced her to have sex with him at least 10 times. She also stated he made women crawl on the floor towards her and perform oral sex on her and called them his pets.

Documentary presenter Ben Zand stated, “Pretty much every single African-American lady that I spoke to felt that there is little media appetite or action because they are black victims. And in most cases working class. They’re all quite poor, a lot of them are from poor areas of Chicago.”

Sadly, this is true and we have seen it first-hand when it comes to sexual assault victims, especially when they are black. 

The Chicago-born singer has been dodging and denying sexual allegations against him for over a decade. In the early 2000’s, the singer endured a lengthy public trial when a sex-tape of him and a 14-year-old girl surfaced. After a six-year trial, the jury came back from a day of deliberations and found the singer not guilty.

It is unclear whether new charges will be filed against the singer. Kelly or his representatives haven’t commented on the new allegations. But, I’m sure they wish they could turn back the hands of time and make this all go away.



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