On Thursday, March 29, the family of Stephon Clark laid the slain father of two to rest. Clark was shot 20 times and killed in his grandmother’s backyard by two Sacramento police officers on March 18. Clark who was identified as a suspicious character was shot due to officers claiming to have seen a weapon in his hand. The officers later recanted their original statement and admitted the item in question was a cellphone.

Lawyers for the family recently told CBS News they are planning to file a federal lawsuit. On Friday, the family will be holding a press conference at Southside Christian Center.

Protestors continue to take over parts of Sacramento. On Tuesday, Stevante Clark disrupted a city council meeting. Clark, along with other protestors chanted his brother’s name and asked for community support in bringing justice to the officers.

“The mayor and the city of Sacramento has failed all of you,” Clark told the crowd after the council offered him a microphone to speak.

The protestors also forced a Sacramento Kings game into a lockdown for the second time. Community leaders including family lawyer Benjamin Crump, continue to call for peace.

“Stephon Clark did not choose violence that night. We must choose nonviolence to make sure that we protest in our most productive way possible,” Crump said.

Recently, White House rep Sarah Huckabee Sanders made a statement calling police shootings “local matters.” The response to her statement received widespread criticism and prompted comments from civil rights leaders and activist groups.

Stevante Clark along with other Black Lives Matter protestors blocked intersections and will continue to march in the streets of downtown Sacramento. Since the protests made its way to the NBA stadium, the Sacramento Kings were prompted to announce their partnership with Black Lives Matter to fund youth programs and help bring change to the city’s black communities.

“A lot of people keep asking, why did you go shut down the Golden 1 Center? That’s why and look at what happened. So, protest works.” Black Lives Matter Sacramento founder, Tanya Faison said of announcement. 



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