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When the idea to start a clothing company materialized, it seemed as if someone had turned on a light switch – and Kid Genius was born. The company is creatively structured to mimic the fundamental stages of the human life cycle. Like a child, they started bold with rambunctious, yet innocent designs. Next, they entered a phase of “limitless creativity and an unmatched thirst for discovery,” representative of the toddler stage through Kindergarten.

Kid Genius plans to continue to trace its life cycle of growth and development up to and beyond Couture stature, representative of selfactualized adulthood. Having realized the power of networking early in his young life, 19 year old company president, Alston Moore, made a number of critical connections, including partnerships with Kanye West’s label G.O.O.D. Music, and Chingy. These relationships proved vital to Kid Genius, as they offered not only support for the business, but also insight into the interests and thought processes of music and fashion industry players. Though the current Kid Genius style is primarily urban, the brand markets to a wide variety of consumers who naturally identify with the brand’s evolution themes, and allowing everyone to identify the ‘genius’ within themselves.

Words By Bell Darris

DELUX Magazine
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