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The dilapidated building that stood on Enright Avenue, just a little bit north of the Central West End, had been vacant for over 20 years. Homeowners Tiffanie and Walter Walton saw past its broken spirit and hollow hallways to ensue their vision. It was the beginning of many soulful Sundays, Merry Christmases, and birthday bashes for years to come. They brought the 118 year old house back to life by preserving much of the original charm, such as the hardwood flooring, the brick fireplace, and the original doorframes, all of which provide foundation for the place that they call home. Four levels, almost 5000 square feet of open space (including a basement), and 12 foot ceilings, leave plenty of room to entertain guests. They have two children, Sean, 17, and Kyran, 8, who are quietly tucked away on the top level that’s nicknamed “The Third World”, an area that was initially sealed off and rented out as an apartment back in the 80’s. When asked what was their favorite part of the house, Walter replied “The deck out back. I can play my music and drink a beer while I fire up the grill.” While, Tiffanie replied, “The kitchen. I love to sit around the island and chill with friends.” The homeowners are a social duo who have hosted everything from a housewarming which consisted of a live band and over 200 guests, down to quiet dinner parties for close friends and family.

Words By Tamika Taylor

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