[April 6, 2021] Proving that perseverance and dedication paysoff, local St. Louis physician, speaker, international best-selling author and host of The Dr. Mom Show, Dr. Delene P. Musielak has been named the 2021 Mrs. Missouri Woman of Achievement. Dr. Musielak will now take part in the National U.S. Woman of Achievement Pageant, representing Missouri in the “Mrs.” division in the National Finals to be held in Long Beach, CA, on the historic Queen Mary, November 19-21, 2021. The new Mrs. Missouri is married to Dr. Matthew Musielak and is a mother of triplets. 

As a dual-boarded Internist & Pediatrician, Dr. Musielak is passionate about educating others about preventative medicine. Each state delegate named to Woman of Achievement is required to present a year-long platform. With the hard hit on health from the Covid-19 pandemic, Dr. Musielak has chosen a platform focusing on mental health issues and obesity affecting both adults and kids during this time. Dr Musielak will be presenting a speech at the National event on modalities of Covid-19 recovery for mental health and fitness. As a sought-after speaker, Dr. Musielak will be asked to speak on a variety of other topics from women empowerment, leadership, work-life balance and workplace wellness during her year of service in 2021. 

Woman of Achievement is a unique Women’s Awards Event & Pageant designed for women of all ages to showcase their creative talents, public speaking, community service and various charitable endeavors in their local communities. “I started Woman of Achievement to help women who are still pursuing their talents and education after age 24 when many of the traditional pageants, such as Miss America and Miss Universe, have their cut-off,” says National Director Marlena Martin. “In today’s society we need to rethink beauty, rethink education, and rethink possibility. As a culture, we are living longer and all women—at all ages–enjoy reaching to become their best version. There is beauty in service and beauty in self-development. These two go hand in hand and always look gorgeous regardless of a woman’s age.”

“I am so excited about this opportunity.” says Dr. Musielak, “I am living my dream! I feel so honored to be selected, because it is very inspiring, and allows me to encourage and empower other women to keep pushing towards their dreams no matter where they are starting from or how busy their lives may be.” 

Any individual or business wishing to obtain more information about Woman of Achievement or inquiries for Dr. Delene Musielak to speak or be present at a local event, can do so by contacting Dr. Musielak via: drmomshow@gmail.com. You may also reach Dr. Musielak via Woman of Achievement, by sending a message through the contact tab at www.womanofachievement.com or by contacting the Corporate Office at 626-282-0202. You can learn more about Dr. Musielak at www.drdelenemusielak.com. (Inquiries to sponsor Dr. Musielak through corporate ads or donation of a scholarship can also be done via the channels above). 

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