dominque wilkinsDominique Wilkins, 51, was attacked by former NBA referree, Rashan S. Michel, 36, and charged him with one count of simple battery, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.  Reports say Dominque Wilkins was just finishing commentary for the Atlanta Hawks game when the insane referee walked up to Dominque Wilkins, Hall of Famer, and stole him in the chest. lol What?

Rashan Michel, Nba reg from 1997-2001 says Dominques Wilkens owed him money from suit Dominique Wilkins purchased several years ago…

Im sorry but what was this guy thinking?  Dominique Wilkins is still 6’9 250lbs and in shape…. what an idiot.  He should be lucky Dominique couldn’t get nothing off cause security got there so fas.  #EpicFail

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