If there is ever a need for someone to get some drama started—all they need is for Trump to put his mouth on it and voila! You have some BS that you’ll need to figure how to dig yourself out of.

As I’ve stated before, the Caucasians are quite known for a few things such as snitching, minding everyone else’s business, creating unnecessary drama, moonlighting as some form of authority, shooting up violence at schools, culture appropriation, and my personal favorite—telling niggers black people to go back to the magical place in which they came from.

It’s their go to line every time a black person complains speaks up about the nonexistent apparent reverse racism that is going on in this country. Personally, I believe they are taught to say the line over green bean casserole and seasonless food during their family dinners. It just rolls off their tongue so easily like they’ve been practicing and anticipating the moment to say it to one black person, so they can tell all their friends, “I’ve said it to a few blacks.”

They literally can’t wait to spew the official white people pledge as if our ancestors asked to be kidnapped, chained, held at gunpoint, and enslaved for hundreds of years. It’s like they forget we are from here thanks to their uncle daddies who crept out back when their mommas were sleeping, and raped frock licked with the slaves.

WTF White People!

Shortly after news broke of the NFL’s new slave law anthem policy—as usual, Trumpzilla thought it was a good idea to voice his unsolicited opinion about it. Last year, the Grand Pimp of wypipo expressed his disdain towards the NFL and their lack of control over their slaves players at a rally. Yesterday, the Grand Wizard gave them a small pat on the head like they were good boys for partially checking their niggers players, but he’s still not satisfied.

“I don’t think people should be staying in the locker rooms, but still I think it’s good,” Trump told Brian Kilmeade of Fox & Friends. “You have to stand proudly for the national anthem, or you shouldn’t be playing, you shouldn’t be there. Maybe you should be in the country. You have to stand proudly for the national anthem.” 

And there it is. The unofficial white people mantra when they are fed up with hearing about their racism towards black people. The line that will have all the back wood, kissing cousins drooling at the mouths while raising their confederate flags.

But not completely.

Basically, the NFL only paid partial attention to Trump’s advice as they aid in pushing his “make America great again” policies—making black people fall in line like they did decades ago. The sad part in all of this is that Trump could care less about the national anthem, black people, or the NFL. He’s no more interested in players standing for it than Melania is in holding his hand in public.

He could also care less about “the blacks” being killed at the hands of the police because the police are his friends and they’re just doing their job. He only cares about complaining about the problem because he needed something to misdirect the country from his collusion case that was quickly closing in on him.

He even went as far as to send his KKK pet, Mike Pence to an NFL game so he could make a public scene as if Pence gave two shits about the protest. I’d bet my life savings he probably didn’t even know who was playing that day.

Pence, like Trump just needed to tweet about so they can appease their racist base since every three days, they need to be sure their racist mascot is still making a fool of this country.

To make sure they still were the most popular kids in school, the NFL ran and told the black players, “Hey we’re going to put this policy in place—but y’all can still fight for your lives—just do that shit in the locker room away from the cameras.”

The NFL Says, “F You To Black People” With Its New Policy

They obeyed Trump and took immediate action. Not against the injustices that the players were kneeling for. No, they blatantly told the players who literally make up more 60 percent of the league that they only care about their bottom line and their messing it up. Their policy was how they feel about the people who risk their health & bodies to line their pockets.

You are property. Your struggles don’t matter. And we care more about white tears than your lives.

Their Master Wizard is mad at them for not controlling them and they can’t allow this type of disrespect any longer and if you do it’s going to cost you.

Still, that was never Trump’s real agenda. As always, Trump was using the NFL to reassure his hate filled followers and like a seasoned reality star—Trump knows just how to excite his crowd by playing on their stupidity. And since the NFL is nothing more than a whore always looking for the next payday—they fell for it. They dove head first into Trump’s bag of tricks.

The NFL did what nobody ever does—listen to the dumbest person in the classroom.

They copied their notes from the person who sits in the back of the classroom and sleeps the whole period. They are the lunchroom conversation and not in a good way. Like the school nerd who is desperately hoping the jock will ask her to prom, they took on all the risks, so they could be popular again.

In true asshole form, Trump got what he needed from them and rode off into the sunset. And I can’t even be mad at him because we all know you don’t hate the player—you hate the game and the NFL fell for the biggest game ever—standing with Trump.


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