You Hate Hov.  It’s okay. Just admit it. Why else would everything he does to empower our communities, socially & financially, bother you so much?  This week it was announced that Roc Nation & the NFL will be partnering up for entertainment ventures (obviously) and social awareness campaigns (less obvious). When the news broke, I was intrigued. Mainly because it seemingly came out of nowhere. There weren’t any leaks or hints that it was coming like sports deals usually have these days. No reasons to think Jay was even looking into watching football again, let alone partnering with it. While most people seemed to respond to the news positively, I’ve seen some people that are saying he’s a sell out and are disappointed in him for it. I don’t get it. 

You must hate Hov. Entertaining young men thru music was supposed to be all he did?  Shut up and dribble rap. Forming a multimedia conglomerate is beyond his depth?  Amassing influence beyond the block is unacceptable? Explain it to me. Why would positioning himself to directly create change be…disappointing? What about educating the people on things beyond their small windows is selling out?

“And as for the critics, tell me I don’t get it
Everybody can tell you how to do it, they never did it.

-Shawn Carter, Already Home

Stop hating Hov. The only way to beat the beast is to take the fight to them. You can’t win a war if you aren’t on the same battlefield as your opponent. Too many people are only seeing the moves Jay makes on the surface and aren’t able to big picture it. For years, Jay has been mingling with the super wealthy and powerful (mostly white men) people of the world. Learning the game. Bringing his knowledge back to us. But of course most aren’t catching the messages and instead see him as trying to join the club. He’s trying to end it. He’s our inside man. Our mole. You hating on him is like being Samuel L Jackson, Jay is Django. You are afraid of being free. You don’t actually want the change you post about. You would rather pretend to want it and stay comfortable in your box. 

Hov hate is real.  Some of y’all even claim he’s not the best rapper in the world. You’re wrong. That’s all. Nothing to argue about there. But if you think he is a sell out tell us why. Let’s Argue!

DJ K Mean