The D’Bes Brothers, better known as Murphy Lee and Kyjuan, have taken the Missouri craft wine business by storm. The D’Bes Wine brand offers up three sexy flavors: Peach, Blackberry, and Moscato – so there is definitely a little something for every palate. The wines are produced at Crowne Valley Winery, which is one of the best wineries in our region. Missouri wines are definitely a competitive marketplace, and the D’Bes brothers have crafted a product rivaling some of our favorites. Delux had an opportunity to catch up with the D’Bes Brothers, and asked them to chat it up with us about the D’Bes Wine Experience.


Delux:  What made you jump into the wine business over, say, the beer or spirits business?


“I like wine a lot,” says Murphy Lee.  “We never drank Moet or Cristal when that was the fad, we’ve always been drinking wine.  Originally, we were going to launch a vodka, but it just kind of evolved into the wine.  We were able to work with the winery after the Freaky Moscato brand that was offered to us, and now we have our own wine!”



Delux:  Where can we buy D’Bes Wines?


KYJAUN:  Exclusive Pre-Launch with Randall’s liquor.  Available at night clubs, restaurants and select retail locations (Randall’s and Dirt Cheap) throughout St. Louis and Illinois, or order online nationwide at www.dbeswines.com or www.Internetwines.com.  Available everywhere in Missouri and Illinois after July 3rd. If you don’t see it, ask for it!


Delux:  Where will you be next promoting the wine?


Murphy Lee:    We have some tastings coming up – Super Jam in the green room and the next day there’s a hair show downtown.  June 21st we’re a “Super Jam” sponsor, as well as several night life events throughout St. Louis.  July 3 is the actual launch.  The V.I.P. Launch party will be At the Coliseum.


We also have a contest coming up, where we ask you to tell us about your D’Bes Wine experience and share it with us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  Look for the details of the contest soon on our website or social media.  There will be three grand prizes.


Delux:  I like to mix my Blackberry with a little Pinnacle Whipped.  Have you tried that?


Murphy Lee:  Try mixing the wines!  Get two and mix them up.  I like mixing the Moscato and Blackberry.  I call it “BlackScoto!”


Kyjuan:  I like the peach and black berry together.  We call it “Black Peach.”


Delux:  Anything else you think our readers should know about D’Bes Wine?


KYJAUN:   We just want to thank everyone who had the guts to give us a chance and try it.  Thanks for participating and showing us your experience.  We appreciate that love.  If you’ve tasted it, tell us about your experience on social media – follow us on InstaGram, FaceBook, and Twitter.  First taste is trying it for the love of us, but the second taste is all you.  People go out on their own and love it.  We appreciate that love.  This is the best dessert wine out right now.  Our peach is like, the best.

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