Bill Cosby: Far From Finished

Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis Ballroom


Bill Cosby Photo by: Omar O’Hara of Red Razor Media

When news of Bill Cosby performing in St. Louis hit our radar, there was an immediate knee-jerk reaction that we MUST see him.  We weren’t alone.  Lumiere Place ‘Cosby Night’ sold out two shows in the expansive Four Seasons Ballroom.  At 77 years old, his well-honed craft is still unparalleled.  He’s untouchable.  No one begins to compare to his level of complexity in story building and comedic timing.

The set of stories he weaves bring poignant reminders that we are moving so quickly through this existence that taking time to stop and laugh at situations that seem unlaughable are the key to never-ending youth.  He has a way of making you laugh in a funny-cause-it’s-true way.  We felt immersed in his family culture, and felt like we really know him and his wife Camille. He exudes familial charm. Yes, someone in your family will be in charge of funeral arranging.  No, you do not want it to be you.  His clever quips and fast wit will make you stop and say, “Wait, did I just hear that right?”  And his FACES!  The iconic facial expressions!  The room was well set for capturing his essence.  Perfect.

He is THE legend, and we were so lucky to have him in our presence for a few short moments to experience his wisdom.  We were able to hear what he wasn’t saying.  With Mr. Cosby, reading between the lines tells another tale.  Do not miss a beat, because every word is perfectly placed.  He was so warm and cozy.  The evening was very much like sitting in his living room and listening to him tell funny stories.

“Ten years, 13 comedy specials, an unprecedented 6 consecutive Grammy awards during this time (1965-1970) … Bill Cosby didn’t set the bar, he is the bar,” says Matt Kleinschmidt of The Laugh Button.  Cosby’s career is in its fifth decade. He started out performing stand-up comedy in small clubs in Greenwich Village in New York. He went on to win three best actor Emmy Awards for his role as an undercover CIA Agent Alexander Scott.  Mr. Cosby also received Kennedy Center Honors in 1998, and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2002. He is also a recipient of the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, which is awarded to performers who use comedy to influence American society.

Oh!  And we saw some friends!


Kevin and Janee

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