carmen the comedian


St. Louis’ Queen of Comedy.

Interview by: Chris Renee | Photo: Lawrence Bryant

First and foremost, Carmen the Comedian, does not want people to think that she is just a pretty face. She’s actually funny without having to be raunchy with her jokes.  Sure, she’s probably told one a time or two but that’s not what her stand up is about. She prefers to bring something fresh and her everyday reality, which includes her kids, dating and her life as a drama queen.


Born, raised and a proud product of St. Louis, she received her start in Westport at the Funny Bone. After her first performance she went home and studied videos of Roseanne Barr, Bill Cosby, and Martin Lawrence. Not only where they funny for her to watch, she admired their drive to turn stand up into a multi million dollar business. Every week she would get on stage and make people laugh.  Her ability to work the crowd turned into her hosting the weekly comedy show at the old, Two Brothers nightclub. She would later link up with Arvin Mitchell who encouraged her change of scenery to LA to work on making herself a nationally known name.


After only two weeks in the new city, she found herself on stage at the Laugh Factory. It wasn’t long before reps for Martin Lawrence, discovered her and hired her for the Martin Lawrence Presents First Amendment.  Just when she thought she couldn’t reach a more humbling experience, the military came calling for some laughter. She was now international, touring in Kuwait, Dubai and Iraq.


Comedy has been good for Carmen. Not only does she find joy in performing on stage, she’s enjoying being able to finally see the fruits of her labor. She’s living comfortably and will continue to pray for a calendar filled with dates.


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