Boogie D Named Best Program Director in America

Shout out to Hot 104.1 Program Director Boogie D for making the TOP 66 Program Directors in America.  This is his second straight year making the list and the ONLY Program director in St. Louis making the list.  KMOX’s Program Director also made the list.  Shout to the Big Dawg Boogie D for Making St Louis Radio so Dope!  Be sure to tune in to 104.1 9am-2:00pm and check him as he is The People’s Champ of Radio!

Read below the incept from Radio Ink

Program directors have enormous responsibilities these days. They must produce the best content in all of audio, because the competition for ears has never been greater. They have to find and teach and massage new local talent. And they surely must help produce a product the sales department can successfully sell, so that fire-breathing GM can be calm, cool, and collected while sending that nice big piece of the cash-flow action back to corporate. Putting together this list every year starts with a nomination, typically from someone who ranks higher in the company than the nominated PD — maybe even the CEO.

We go from there, with a questionnaire and a look at ratings, experience, awards, and several other factors. We reach out to programming experts in the industry for input, in all formats and in all market sizes, and we crunch the numbers. Then we crumple them up and crunch them again. We also ask each PD to confidentially rank who they believe to be the five best program directors in America. Those rankings are also used to help us decide on our final order. With all of that information, we make the final cuts and place them all in their proper order.

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