The world finally gets a small break from POTUS’s weekly antics, just in time for Beyoncé’s twin peek-a-boo this past weekend. Though the photos were not “officially” posted, leaked pictures of the singer and her twins made it to the internet. While the family is vacationing in Miami, some lucky photographer managed to capture pictures of Sir and Rumi Carter, along with big sister Blue Ivy. Only five months since they made their debut into the world, the singer and husband, Jay-Z have managed to keep a tight lid on photos of the new arrivals. Ever since Beyoncé posted a picture on her Instagram back in June, no one (outside of family & friends) has seen the twins.

A handful of shots showed the chubby-cheeked tots wearing onesies while being lugged around by mom and grandma, with Beyoncé’s hair in a fabulous crown of braids. One photo seem to show Beyoncé cradling who we assume is Sir Carter himself, while wearing a multi-colored leotard and a relaxed expression. Yet another photo showed proud papa JAY-Z hanging out with Bey and one of the twins on an outdoor patio space.


Another photo showed Jay-z’s mother, Gloria and little Rumi, wearing an adorable, tiny hair bow and an expression reminding us of the many faces Blue Ivy made when she was a baby.

Though we are unsure who the clever photographer may be, the Beyhive is thankful for these few glorious rays of light, and small the things that bring us joy.



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