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It’s been awhile since we’ve seen or heard from Andre 3000, one-half of the iconic rap group Outkast. But after being out of the spotlight, 3 Stacks (his other stage name), is back with something a little different than a new album. Born Andre Benjamin, the fearless fashion connoisseur is tapping into other artistic pursuits. On Monday, the artist announced his collaboration with Tretorn for his new footwear line.

Dubbed the “I André Benjamin will not draw in class” capsule collection, the spring 2018 collection was inspired by André 3000’s personal connection to Tretorn’s classic Nylite sneaker, and even features original sketches from the rapper that were included in the ant logo on the box and the sneakers themselves. The retro-styled sneakers are the perfect representation of the rapper’s aura and style we’ve seen over the years.


Inspired by Tretorn’s prep heritage and feature updates to classic styles from the label, the collection features 10 unique designs. Styles range from Velcro high tops to rugby-like striped shoes to quilted suede sneakers.

New York City’s “frantic and forward” energy also inspired Andre 3000. He would sit outside, take everything in, and sketch all his surroundings, from the different cultures he’d observe near his apartment to the kids lining up for the latest Supreme drop.

“Growing up, we’d all put our personal stamp onto the blank canvas of the Nylite and I’d sketch out my own designs. This collaboration felt like fun because it brought me back to that place of personalizing these original designs,” Andre 3000 said, in a statement from the brand. 

The shoes range in price from $85-$250, and comes in various colors. To see more, the footwear collection is now available at



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