One of two properties bearing the NISHA name, this new Acapulco bar and lounge is tailored to a younger demographic with more focus on nightlife than its forbearer. Designed by Mexico City-based Pascal Arquitectos, the bar’s interior is a contemporary interpretation of a nautical theme. Upon entering, visitors are met with curved, wood-clad ceilings and walls punctuated by porthole-shaped screens displaying underwater landscapes. The entry opens to a large central space delineated by intimate clusters of seating. The use of wood is continued on the walls and ceiling, and screens are creatively framed as if they were pieces of art. The use of colored accent lighting throughout the bar is also fundamental in creating the nautical, lounge atmosphere that NISHA purveys to its customers. Cool tones of light emanate from all corners, including beneath seating areas, from the base of walls, and below the bar. Once inside the bar, the only indication of the outside world is the view of a small patio, which serves to remind customers that they are not actually on a sea-faring vessel.

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