So as you might have heard, Barack Obama’s first pitch was way left. Before the game, he visited with the Nats, spending extra time with Nyjer Morgan and Willie Harris, according to MASN’s Debbi Taylor.

“He went around the entire clubhouse and he shook everybody’s hand,” Taylor reported. “In the words of Craig Stammen, it was pretty cool.”

A few innings later, he wounded up in the MASN booth with Bob Carpenter and Rob Dibble. They were impressed.

“I mean, he came in very much at ease,” Carpenter said. “I’ts like sitting down with a good friend and talking some baseball. He’s very much at ease no matter what setting he’s in.”

“And that’s the true sign of a leader,” Dibble agreed, “is how he manages people and how he manages the country. It cannot be easy to be the President. I mean, he’s probably on the go all the time. And it was nice that he was able to share a few moments with us.”

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