Most people dream of having a huge platform to share their business on. Every day, small business entrepreneurs strive hard to get just five minutes in front of millions of people. Five minutes that could possibly catapult the rest of their life.

Personality, entrepreneur, and artist Bambi Benson has been given that chance and is doing amazing work with it. She has created a foundation for young girls who suffer from clinical issues such as alopecia, cancer and burn victims. Mental Health is also important to Bambi. Growing up in Compton, California, Bambi was in the middle of the struggle and she understands how important it is to be confident in your own skin. 

Proving she’s more than a reality star, Bambi is a double major in Broadcast Journalism and Public Relations. With over two-million social media followers, Bambi has successfully turned her hair line, Shimmer Elite Extensions, into a multimillion dollar empire and is passionate about giving back. Bambi is currently extending her beauty empire to hair care products.

bambiThe Shimmer Living Foundation is the driving force behind charitable and educational work to help improve the lives of young girls globally and sets out to provide disadvantaged and underprivileged young girls with life’s necessities, to better ensure their successes in life.  The foundation strives to ensure that young ladies are confident and have healthy self-esteem in both their school and social setting, so they are better able to focus entirely on their education.  A few of the main focuses are: hygiene and awareness, hair care tips and products for all types of hair, clean and proper fitting clothing for all body shapes and sizes, and basic health and nutritional education.  

The foundation also recognizes that mental health is important and provides resources for those who may need counseling or therapy to ensure a healthy well-being.

Essentially, The Shimmer Living Foundation provides these young ladies with items and resources to minimize the chances of insecurities while participating in school activities, while also not being a distraction to other students. Some specific goals the foundation has set are:

• 100 wigs for young female students suffering from hair loss due to clinical causes like Cancer treatments, alopecia, etc.

• 500 toiletry basket giveaways

• 4 hygiene seminars (where students will be given useful tips on hygiene, skin care, and basic hair care training)

• 100 pairs of shoes

• 100 bras

• 100 pairs of underwear

Bambi strives to ensure that every young girl with humble beginnings knows they are beautiful on the inside and out.  And it is her belief that they in turn will be more inclined to pass the positivity forward to those they encounter.



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