American Apparel Ads have gained a cult status of their own, just like the clothing brand itself.  Unabashed in their sexuality, American Apparel’s ads push the envelope of creativity, decency, and even the standards of advertising in the modern world.  Just recently, an American Apparel ad was banned by the ASA in London, for purportedly showing a partially nude model that was depicting an underage person.  In our opinion, the ad in question is tame compared to the sheer body of beautiful work done by the AA ad crew.  To celebrate their work, we put together a list of, in my opinion, American Apparel’s most raunchiest ads of all time.  Please note, these ads are likely not safe for work (unless your job is awesome, like ours).


Editor’s NoteWe’ve excluded any nude photos from this list, and American Apparel does have a handful.  You’ll find no nipples, bush or booty holes in the gallery below, just pure American Apparel goodness.  After all, we want you to maintain your delicate sensibilities while reading DELUX MAGAZINE.

Well, what’s left of them, anyway. Enjoy :o)

American Apparel’s First Porn Star: Lauren Phoenix

In 2005, American Apparel decided to opt for a different genre of model to sell their latest socks.  The ad copy here reads, “Meet Lauren Phoenix. 150lbs of magic. Actress. Director. Look her up on Google.”  We suggest you don’t make that query at work.  Miss Phoenix brought a prolific career in pornography to American Apparel, starring in these ads in a point-of-view fashion that she has plenty of experience with.  No nudity, of course, but American Apparel proves you don’t need nudity to feel dirty.  Dirty good.

Sexually Suggestive Advertising

This ad sells gray underwear.  And sex.  Out in 2008, this two-panel ad shows a lovely young model tending to the needs of the photographer in an oral fashion.  Rarely does American Apparel feature men and women side-by-side in their ads, and never have they done so in such an unabashed fashion.  Note to self– buy a camera, sell plain t-shirts.

Diamond Girl’s Sex Appeal

In a world where money is of no consequence, we’d all have one of these on our coffee tables.  Miss “Diamond Girl” is showcasing little more than her flexibility and sex appeal– and that “little more” is a diamond-pattern mesh leotard.  Leotard or no leotard, she beats any coffee table book I’ve ever seen.

How to Sell Panties

At this point, you’re likely asking yourself, “are these ads targeted to men or women?”  The proper answer is “both”.  American Apparel uses the Victoria’s Secret effect, albeit in a much more raw fashion.  Basically, women know these ads turn men on.  They want to turn their men on.  Thus, they buy the clothing.  It’s the same model Victoria’s Secret has used for over a decade.  In short, this is a brilliant way of selling panties.

This ad sells pants.  However, less than 25% of said pants are shown in the ad above.  Instead, a lovely Latina model shows us just how comfortable those pants are.  Slim Slack Pants: $74.  Hand bra not included.

Coffee Table Trinket

Well hello there.  We swear there was a different girl on that table a minute ago.  But hey, change is good.  This ad is a pair of stirrups away from being a pap smear, a full frontal assault on advertising standards.  We support this assault wholeheartedly.

Faye Reagan With Clothes On

One of the Adult world’s newest stars also has her own ad in American Apparel.  Faye Reagan, the red-headed sensation, has been in high demand in the porn industry, with a youthful look that has captured the “hearts” of many.  Isn’t it right, then, that she should be in an ad for American Apparel?  We’re a bit down on this ad though.  If you’ve got a chance to snap a few photos of Faye Reagan, do you do it in a pose as boring as this?  Unlike all the other ads on this list, this one is only sexually suggestive by the model it features– not by the content of the ad.

Find’m Hot, Leave’m Wet

So the image in this ad is only mildly hot, somewhat suggestive.  The ad copy, however, flips the script completely.  Just what do they mean by “find’m hot, leave’m wet?”  Any way you interpret that, you wind up with a mindful of dirty deeds.  With that, American Apparel’s mission is clearly accomplished.

You Too Can Be a Star

Meet Yanyan, an LA-area retail employee who loves American Apparel ads.  She loves them so much, in fact, that she wanted to star in them herself.  Yanyan snapped a series of photos of herself wearing American Apparel gear (in brand-appropriate poses) and sent them on to AA.  Naturally, YanYan became American Apparel’s next top model.  Yumyum.

The Booty

The Booty.  We hope for your sake this image isn’t on your screen when your boss walks by.  This ad from 2007 shows just how good these tiny panties can look when mated with a perfect posterior.  You think this ad is hot?  Just imagine having to type out this entire description with one hand.

So what about the others?  Here, in all their glory, are the best of the rest, the raunchiest American Apparel ads in the company’s history(atleast all i could find).  Repeating above, we’ve excluded all nude photos from this list, and American Apparel does have a handful.  You’ll find no naked extremities in the gallery below, just pure American Apparel goodness.  Before closing, we’d just like to salute American Apparel, their ad team, their photographers, their models, their clothing designers, and attorneys.  We love your brand, we love your message– and we entirely adore your advertisements.  ALL I NEED IS A SIMPLE V NECK TEE SIZE L…. the ads are icing on my cake. -pause- visit


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