It will not take you long to realize that she isn’t your usual R&B artist. Born a midwesterner from Indianapolis, most may remember her voice from Wale’s, “Bad”, a song she also co-produced.  If you loved Tiara there or in “Cloud” or missed her first project then this Up in Smoke EP is the perfect way to catch up with one of the industry’s best talents. I must admit that aside from a few projects here and there I am new to her music but became an instant fan listening to this project. This music represents a continued new wave of female artists that are boldly independent, sexually confident, and unapologetic when it comes to expression.  As singer, songwriter, and producer Tiara Thomas in this her latest EP shows that she is on the path to music greatness.


Opening up the EP with “My Ways” we find her hittin’ up her supplier to bring something through and when the beat drops Tiara gives listeners a taste of what you can find throughout the whole project – pure heat!   In “Get Blowed”, we get Tiara’s sensuous vocal and more bars which show’s her versatility. Throughout the project she delivers vocally and creatively on every track. I’m always a sucker for muted tones, sweet melodies, and guitar strings and this is what you find on “Something Else”. This third track on the EP is where perhaps Tiara breaks away from the field of newer artist in that she has more creative depth,

“Took a trip out to LA/Just to give us both some space/Text you straight up off the plane/start some shit just for conversation/How come when there’s no escapade we don’t solve our problems/we ride around in that Escalade/ and you go fuck with what’s her name/even though you know we didn’t break up; I’ll say…you’re something else, something else something else and I don’t know if that’s a good thing baby…”

If had to compare Tiara Thomas to any other artists, I’d say she is this generations India Arie if she’d smoke you out and then kick it like one of the homies.  The entire project is banging, a great project to vibe to and will have you wanting more. There are many songs that get the #OnRepeat love but when “On Me” and “Nikki” come on I really appreciate the entire project more. The EP begins its close with “Best Kept Secret” which reminds me of the very best of the late great Aaliyah in style for a moment and substance. On “How It Is” she finishes Up in Smoke on her acoustic guitar waxing poetic over experiences with relationships, friends, and industry issues. Following her career you may know that she dropped Rico Love’s Division1 label which comes with a certain sense of freedom and new challenges.  Nevertheless, you have to download this project whether male or female. Up in Smoke is the perfect appetizer to the wonderful entrée and dessert that will be Tiara Thomas’ upcoming LP that she is cooking up as we speak.

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DeWarren Smith