I had the pleasure recently of working with a celebrity manicurist. In true fashion of the “real talk” that goes down in a salon chair, we chatted about fashion, popular news, and life in general. We also talked about some of her favorite products for creating lasting manicures. Apparently, the right base and top coats make your manicure go the extra mile.

Secrets to a long lasting manicure

Manicure by Nails by Nicole J | Photographed by Economy of Style

Want to get a lasting manicure? Start with the CND Stickey base coat ($8.50), which is designed to anchor nail color to the nail. Apply your nail color of choice. Finish strong with a coat of Seche Vite dry fast top coat ($9.95), a product that is said to penetrate all the way down to the nail bed and create a strong bond.

Let us know if you try this combination.

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