Nissan’s flagship sportscar, the GT-R was recently unveiled in its latest iteration set for 2011. From the exterior new updates are offered to the car’s shape to increase downforce by 10% all while reducing drag. The car’s powerplant enjoys a substantial horsepower increase thanks to increased boost, valve timing adjustments and a re-programmed ECU taking the car’s numbers to 523 hp and 451 lbs-ft torque, bumps of 38 hp and 17 lbs-ft torque. Aside from the regular model GT-R and the V-spec, two new models are added including the Club Track Edition and the Egoist. The Club Track as the name suggests is meant mostly for sporting activities and training while the Egoist features a special quilted leather interior courtesy of Seton Company of Germany as well as other updates in aesthetics.

Source: Autoblog

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