written by: Kendra Pete

Many fashion enthusiasts envision themselves working with the finest models walking some of the most notable runways or gracing some of the most notable magazine covers around the world; yet, the fear of stiff competition and the public’s disapproval hinders them from pursuing their life-long dreams.

Celebrity stylist, Da’Mara Altman, knew this feeling all too well when growing up; however, the day she decided to let fear go and give it a shot, was the day she knew she made the best decision of her life.

So, she decided to share a few tips with the DELUX family on what every stylist needs to know in order to be cut out for this business and how to be well on their way to success:

1) Research the industry.

“It’s just like you want a job. You don’t want to apply for a job that you’re not qualified for.”

2) Have a passion for it.

“In anything you do, it’ll end up draining you if you don’t have that love and that fire for it. The industry looks like it’s this beautiful and glamorous place to be, but it’s hard work. It’s not just like dressing up a doll; there are so many things you have to think about.”

3) Network.

“Networking is extremely important. [see her full response on networking here]”

4) Intern.

“Try to get an internship or volunteer somewhere. I did a seasonal job at Macy’s in their visuals department; I used that as my internship, but it was phenomenal because I was dressing mannequins. I had like 50 mannequins that I had to dress on a daily, and that in itself helped me to style because they give you a trend just like with photo-shoots where they give you concepts.”

5) Don’t limit yourself.

“The industry is huge. If you don’t work out as a stylist, but you love the industry, there are so many things that you can do. So, don’t limit yourself.”

For more tips, tricks and inspiration, check out her website www.embellishedbydamara.com and follow her on Twitter at @AramaDdesigns and Instagram at @damaraalexandria.

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