Pharoah’s Donuts
200 North Seventh Street
St. Louis, MO 63102
(314) 351-0285

I remember as a kid seeing “Pharoah Donuts” of Kingshighway and 70. Their selection of old-school faves includes glazed donuts, glazed twists, buttermilk cake, blueberry cake, vanilla- and chocolate-iced long johns, vanilla and chocolate cake, strawberry-jelly filled Bismarcks, cinnamon rolls, apple fritters, custard- and lemon-filled donuts, and donut holes. On occasion, Pharaoh’s will do a caramel-topped apple fritter and a cinnamon roll with vanilla icing, too, said Aziz, and plans are in the works to do banana-iced long johns and jumbo-sized glazed “Super Twists.”  With such an assortment this St Louis Gem is what makes St. Louis such a special place.  A Black Owned donut shop who would have known!  But I’m glad we found them.  Bye, Bye Krispy Kream “Hello Pharoah”!!

Keith Griffin II