New Sunny Mount Missionary Baptist Church is excited to excel. Under the direction of Pastor Brandon A. Blake, their Laymen Ministry wanted to offer a community outreach program that would reach as many persons as possible. What was conceived was a Community Cuts and Voter Registration Outreach program to serve the church and community as a whole, to be held from 2pm to 630pm on April 21st.

The day’s events will include a Voter Registration Drive and Voter education on important issues. There are many issues at hand in the November election and bodies are needed at the polls. Intelligent and informed voters are needed to show up en masse in order to initiate the change we would all like to see. It was the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King who said, “I have come to see more and more that one of the most decisive steps that the Negro can take is that little walk to the voting booth. That is an important step. We’ve got to gain the ballot, and through that gain, political power”. This was said during an NAACP Emancipation Rally in 1957 and it still true more than 60 years today. We have too few walking into the voting booth. It is NSM’s desire to fix that.


Joining NSM on the day will be representatives from the A. Philip Randolph Institute St. Louis Chapter, Metropolitan Congregations United, organizations providing free Prostate Screenings to men, gentlemen from the NSM’s Laymen Organization and NSM’s Social Justice Ministry, and more.

In addition to the Voter Registration Drive there will also be free haircuts given to the community. Experienced and licensed barbers are welcome to take part. Students from Leonard’s Barber College will be in attendance offering cuts. Basic haircuts and hair linings are what attendees can expect to receive on the day. Due to the amount of persons we are hoping that will attend it was decided to not ask barbers to do styles that may take longer to execute. For experienced and licensed barbers that are interested in volunteering an hour of their time we would love to have them. They may contact Bro. DeWarren Smith at 314-724-7230 or for additional information or to sign up!

We are expecting a wonderful time in the Lord as we render service to our community and spiritually speaking, His Kingdom. We would like to ask that you share this information with your community and support us with prayer. On the day there will be light refreshments by way of grilled beef hotdogs, potato chips, and drinks. Special thanks go out to our Pastor Brandon A. Blake for his leadership and approval for putting this event together. We would also like to thank New Sunny Mount’s Laymen Ministry and budding Social Justice Ministry for their work in completing the necessary work.

DeWarren Smith